HM-PM-18A Automatic vending Popcorn machine

Full Automatic Vending popcorn machine


Hommy’s plant is covering an area of 30500 square meters in Xinhui Jiangmen city, comprising flexible production lines, R&D laboratory, learning center and workshop equipped with cutting-edge equipment.

Full Automatic Vending popcorn machine

1.15″operation and advertising screen .          2.Each cup capacity :100ml that can made about 32OZ popcorn .

3.The machine inside can storge 100pcs cup .        4.Full Automatic vending popcorn machine.          5.Payment system : cash ,coin & token , credit card , exchange coin and online pay. 

6. 30L storge popcorn made in stainless steel and Outside cover wrap with nice picture.

7.Popcorn production time is only 60-80 seconds .

8.The machine inside install automatic controll heat system .

9. Bowl made in aluminum is good transmit heat .

10.The language can base on different country to adjust it .

11.There are 3 Flavour for you to choose that mix flavour inside the machine .  

12. Remote system Can sales situation , material leakage reminder , machine internal data setting , machine fault reminder .

13.Design simply and operate convenience .

Excellent customer experience is the starting point of Hommy.

Resistant heating pot

The machine inside Heating pot that use high temperature resistant materials that can pass 200 degree , normally the heating pot working temperature is 90degree to 110 degree .  

            Different language 

We can set up different language for the machine to teach how to operation 

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