HOMMY Vending ice cream machine populars in Holland!

HOMMY ice cream vending machine is so popular in Holland! Our Holland customer put the soft ice cream vending machine in the shopping mall, he added decoration around the machine, which rapidly drew people’s attention, not only the children, but also the young people and adults would like to try to a cup of ice cream via the charming automatic vending ice cream machine.

Why the Hommy vending ice cream machine is popular? In most countries, vending ice cream machines are mostly semi automatic, comparing to this, Hommy Robot ice cream machines are full automatci with intelligent management, have many humanized functions. You haven’t tried such a machine don’t know how it works? We’ll give you a quick tutorial.

First, insert your money (coin or bill) or swipe your bank card or credit card, different payment method make you easy to pay.

Choose your favorite flavor from the color touch screen! You can choose up to 3 toppings and jams, a variety of flavors for choice.

You’ll hear a sound in your country language to guide you every step. The vending ice cream machine can configure to different language to use in your country.

After you confirmed to pay, the robot ice cream machine will start to make the ice cream. The paper cup will drop automatically from the holder, “walk” to the ice cream dispensing area, the ice cream dispenser automatically to the cup in a few seconds, the filled ice cream cup “walk” to the next dispensing area, where the topping and jam will fall down automatically if you have choose the flavor. The rotating cup holder make the topping and jam distribute among the ice cream evently. And then the finsihed ice cream will be delivered to the picking area, the door will open automatically and you can pick up filled ice cream cup and enjoy the delicious ice cream. The door for picking area will close automatically. The door for picking area has anti-pinch function to provent people from hurt. All are automatic proess, what an amazing ice cream making machine!

You see, it quite easy to play. For those coming from outside Holland, the chance to buy ice cream from a robot vending machine automatic is a rare experience! This Hommy brand Vending ice cream maker make it more fun with you! Why choose HOMMY brand? HOMMY, as an high-tech enterprise , has been in the field of ice cream machine for more than 20 years experience, devote to develop the best ice cream machines in the world!

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