How does Hommy sugarcane juice machine win the favor of Carrefour super-market in Dubai?

How does Hommy sugarcane juice machine win the favor of Carrefour super-market in Dubai?

The French Fournier and Defforey families established Carrefour in 1959 as The grocery distributor. It was not until four years after in 1963 that this group spread its initial hypermarket, which finally ran Carrefour to its individual. In 1969 the organization determined to grow internationally and spread its opening hypermarket In Belgium In 1977, “ Produits Libres ” or unbranded productions were presented as the replacement to common brands and were dubbed just as good. The pioneer thought led the organization to produce its own brand in 1985, which led this choice for market and hypermarkets worldwide. This purpose was to help make even lower costs in these markets.

Hommy combined sugarcane juicer is developed and kept up to date over generations with an user-friendly a lot better performance, easier operation and the ability to be used by anyone. We are proud of our product line and have been able to provide customer with the best quality products at affordable prices.

From manual to fully automatic semi in that case AI then large data collection and analysis were done on the basis of our knowledge and experience.

From zero to existence, from lifetime to excellence, from excellence to improvement and from perfection to perfection.

Each step mirrors the hard work and sweat of Hommy’s employees which has helped us to achieve this goal.

Dubai Carrefour super-market chose our company as the only importer of sugar cane juicer among their 16 super markets because of Hommy Enterprise’s pioneering spirit and never-ending innovation capacity.

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